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Welcome to the Rita and George M. Shapiro Audio Archive at the Park Avenue Synagogue. We are delighted to offer access to this historic collection of audio recordings and related documents that feature synagogue services, sermons, concerts, lectures and special events, most of which took place at the Park Avenue Synagogue from the early 1950s through 2004. We are preserving this significant collection of more than 3,700 reel-to-reel tapes by creating a digital archive which will be maintained for listening on this site.

Terms of use

Please be aware that the audio and accompanying visual materials which you may access are made available by the Park Avenue Synagogue for private viewing, research, teaching and scholarly study only. These materials are protected by U.S. Copyright laws (Title 17, U.S. Code) and may not, in some cases, be legally owned by the Park Avenue Synagogue. Some of the materials may be the legal property of third party copyright owners and may be subject to restrictions imposed by them and whose permission may be required for use and/or reproduction.

Except as permitted here for private listening, viewing, research, teaching and scholarly study, the materials may not be copied, used, reproduced, transmitted or otherwise disseminated without the prior written permission of the Park Avenue Synagogue and/or such third party copyright owners or their authorized agents.

Please contact us at shapiroarchive@pasyn.org with any questions you have regarding additional uses or copyright information.

We hope you enjoy exploring and listening to the materials on the Rita and George M. Shapiro Audio Archive.

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